Sunday, February 10, 2008

Sharing OSX leopard folder and mounting it on Windows XP

So it shouldn't be that hard, but it took me about half an hour so I got to document it. I tried mounting a folder shared on my Leopard from an XP machine. This is finally how I got it done:

On Leopard:
  1. In System Preferences, under Network, tab over to WINS and set the Workgroup to something like 'Mshome'
  2. In System Preferences, under Sharing, click options and check 'Share files and folders under SMB'
On Windows:
  1. Right click on 'My Computer', clicking on 'Map Network Drive'
  2. Click 'Browse', and you should see your Mac (for some reason your XP might not see the Mac right away, wait about 5 minutes)

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bonj said...

It works perfectly. I thnk you, dude!